The Di Pietro motor excels in performance and versatility compared with other drive technologies, its high torque at low RPM, superior efficiency and minimal weight render the Di Pietro motor the preferred alternative.

This versatility opens up opportunities for new market development beyond the reach of current air motor technology due to their environmental, operational or economic performance, for example the nine chamber motor is perfect as a range extender for electric vehicles, its minimalist design shown by the mobile phone in the picture is only one of many advantages of Engineair technology.

The compressed air drives the motor without any combustion or harmful exhaust gases, which makes this a zero-pollution mobility concept ideal to current global warming concerns.
We cannot continue to burn fossil fuels as we have, the sensible way forward is to use renewable energy effectively. Engineair's motor can do so at an outstanding efficiency up to 94.5% while the most complicated, multi-stage, mega-watt size turbines are only 40% efficient at best.
We would consider joint venture partners with marketing and manufacturing expertise to participate in our global growth. Manufacturing under licence is Engineair's preferred option.