Company Overview
Engineair Pty Ltd was established on 9th September 2000 with the objective to perform research and development on an innovative air motor design, invented and first tried by Angelo Di Pietro in 1997.

In the first 5 years the company focused on developing prototype models to test the concept and understand the performance characteristics. During this period additional prototypes were tested, showing improving performance, power to weight ratio and air consumption. Current development  shows performance and efficiency to be considerable superior over state of the art air motor technology.

Consequently the technology has been fitted to diverse mobile applications, proving its feasibility. Based on these results the company is now entering commercialisation of its technology.

Engineair operates from a modern, dedicated facility in Brooklyn, close to the city of Melbourne. The 1100 square metre facility includes an office and workshop with state-of-the-art test and performance measurement equipment.

Test RigHistory
Angelo Di Pietro, (1950, Avellino, Italy) qualified as Congegnatore Meccanico in Avellino and then moved to Stuttgart, Germany to work on the Wankel rotary engine at the Mercedes Benz research laboratories 1969 and 1970. In 1971 he migrated to Australia where he established a construction engineering company.

From his early experience with Wankel rotary engines, Angelo became interested in developing a more efficient engine than the traditional reciprocating internal combustion engine, and he has worked on various alternative concepts intermittently over the last 30 years.

In 1999 he made a major design breakthrough. Recognising the potential of his invention Di Pietro decided to fully focus on the development of the new motor concept.